Star Wars: Convergence Announced

Star Wars: Convergence Announced


We are excited to officially announce the production of Star Wars: Convergence! Convergence is a fanmade, serial audio drama in the Galaxy Far, Far Away! Set during the Clone Wars, it tells the tale of unlikely allies during the epic, galaxy-wide conflict. Separatist supporters, Republic spies, crime lords, and even a prototype battle droid take the stage on an impoverished, crime-ridden underworld. The series is an exciting journey for a group of lovable heroes and dastardly villains. Added to that is plenty of Star Wars flare!

Listeners will be able to follow the adventure for free with new episodes every other week. Our writers weave an intimate, character-driven story that will be brought to life with incredible voice talent, iconic sounds, and classic musical themes.

Convergence is directed by Mallory Conlon, with Austin Blankenship as Executive Producer. Episodes are written by Meg Humphrey and Saf. Meet the rest of our crew, or apply for one of our open crew positions.

All roles are currently open, and will be filled through an open casting process. Visit the audition page for more info.

The first season of Convergence will be released later this year. Stay tuned for an official release date and full schedule for the season.

Star Wars: Convergence Teaser Poster
Teaser Poster

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