Auditions Open Now

Auditions Open Now

Our first round of auditions for Star Wars: Convergence are now open!

Auditions will be open for a number of roles from June 2 through June 14. All roles are considered primary characters and will be heavily featured through at least the first season of Convergence. Auditions are open to everyone – no prior voice acting experience needed! We are excited to hear a variety of voices as we search for the perfect people to play our lovable characters.

Because we anticipate a large number of applicants, the first phase of the audition process will have you simply record lines by yourself and send those to us. After reviewing your audition, we will contact you if we are interested in doing a call back session. If so, we would conduct a call with you via Skype to discuss the project and have you read additional lines in a live environment. You would receive sides that you could rehearse prior to the live audition.

Visit the audition page for more information about the process and the open roles. May the Force be with you!

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