Five Reasons to Audition for Convergence

Five Reasons to Audition for Convergence

You should audition for Convergence. Yes, you!

We’re incredibly grateful for and excited by the response that we’ve received so far for our open auditions. Maybe there are some of you who are considering auditioning, but just aren’t sure if it would be worth it. Here are five reasons to audition that might change your mind!

  1. Be in Star Wars!

    So, granted, this is not “real” Star Wars. We are not endorsed by Lucasfilm or Disney and are in no way an official Star Wars production. But opportunities to play a character in the Star Wars galaxy, official or not, aren’t something that you can find every day. Our production features a story set during the Clone Wars, with characters divided between the Republic and the Separatists. There are crime lords, bounty hunters, droids, starships, and all of the other things that you’ve come to expect from Star Wars. The final production will immerse you in the galaxy with Star Wars sound effects and music.

  2. No Experience Needed!

    Most opportunities these days are looking for multiple years of experience. That’s not the case here. If you’ve ever wanted to give voice acting a shot, this can be the perfect launching point for you. There’s no way to get experience if someone doesn’t give you that first chance, and that’s something that we’re willing to do. We’ll look for the person who is the best fit for our characters. In addition, we believe that teaching and direction can smooth any rough edges that may come from inexperience. We’ll put you in the best position to deliver a performance that you can be proud of.

  3. Fun, Fun, Fun.

    Most of our production crew have worked together previously on the Far Far Away Radio podcast network. If you know anything about those podcasts, it’s that the team loves to have fun! Recording sessions would take place in a creative and enjoyable environment, with our director, Mallory, and producer, Austin, as well as some of your fellow cast members. We’ll get serious when it’s time for business, but we’ll make sure that you have plenty of fun too! Getting to record these characters with fellow Star Wars fans will be an unforgettable experience.

  4. Put it on your Resume

    While this might not be the primary motivation for being involved, it’s a great added benefit! In the past, we’ve had people involved in our other projects use their experience on resumes to show an extended portfolio of work. If you’re an aspiring voice actor, you can use this experience and clips from the show to create a demo reel. This goes back to #2. Convergence can act as a great starting point or extra material for people interested in voice acting. And if you’re not looking to do future voice acting, the project can still show that you have a wide range of talents and interests!

  5. Convergence will ROCK

    This one is simple. Basically, you don’t want to miss being a part of Convergence. This is an incredibly ambitious fanmade Star Wars audio drama. Our goals for quality from a writing, production, and acting standpoint seek to match some of the most well-known audio dramas online. We’ve been in pre-production for the past six months, meticulously crafting our characters and plot to create what we hope is a story that goes beyond simply being a Star Wars tale and reaches people on a personal level. We’ve created a diverse cast of characters that will provide opportunities for many different people and speak to a wide audience. You’ll be glad that you were a part of this.

Please note that, unfortunately, money is not a reason to audition. As a fanmade Star Wars audio drama, we will not be making any profit off of the show whatsoever. We are incredibly fortunate that Lucasfilm is tolerant of fan productions like audio dramas films, and podcasts, and due to our use of Star Wars names, sounds, and music, it would be inappropriate to attempt to make any money from this project.

We are doing this for the joy of being able to play in the Star Wars universe, to tell a story that we want people to hear, and to create something that listeners can enjoy for free. While we wish that we could pay you for this work, that’s just not the case! Hopefully that won’t discourage you from being involved. We know there’s more to you than money!

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