Star Wars: Convergence is an fanmade, serial audio drama. The show is distributed for free on a bimonthly basis during each season.


Star Wars: Convergence Album ArtSet during the Clone Wars, the story follows a group of unlikely allies. Separatist supporters, Republic spies, crime lords, and even a prototype battle droid take the stage in the middle of the impoverished, crime-ridden underworld of Beznadar. Beznadar’s surface is a single body of water, with a climate that consists of frequent storms of acid rain, and a landscape marked by massive plateaus that rise out of the depths of the unending sea. While the Separatist-backed rulers of the planet live a life of luxury on top of the enormous rock structures, the original settlers of the world make a meager existence inside the labyrinth of tunnels that stretch for miles through the interior of the plateau. Freedom and purpose are sought desperately by the underworlders – and it could come from the most unlikely of sources.

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Convergence is produced entirely by fans. The production team consists of sound editors, writers, directors, and even a story group. All characters in Convergence are voiced by our incredible cast from across the Star Wars fandom. Episodes are released on our website and are also distributed by Far Far Away Radio.


Star Wars: Convergence is not endorsed by or affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or the Walt Disney Company. It is intended for entertainment purposeless solely. All Star Wars characters, sounds, and images, etc. are copyright their respective trademark or copyright holders.

Music originally composed by John Williams, Michael Giacchino, Kevin Kiner, and Jeremy Soule for original Star Wars films and video games. All music is copyright the respective copyright holders.

Convergence materials herein, outside of those already attributed to sources noted above, are ©2017 Austin Blankenship or their respective creative teams and writers, unless otherwise noted.

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